Mountain farming

There is work for everyone on the farm. The owner Klaus is a wood carver and looks after the animals.His wife Gemma’s passions are collecting the mountain herbs that grow at altitude, experimenting and creating new receipts with them.The senior farmers, Benjamin and Lidia, help wherever necessary. Our three cows and two calves live in the stalls and provide us with the milk we need. We also keep rabbits and hens that keep us in constant supply of fresh eggs. Much of the vegetable we serve is grown in our vegetable patch.

Hay making is one of the most enjoyable times of year for the Paratoni family, during these weeks there is not just work for all the family but for neighbours and friends too. After a days physical work, out on the steep mountain meadows both cutting the hay by hand and racking it in, often under the baking sun, there is nothing better than stopping for a wholesome regenerating snack together.