Rare to find mordern times

The farmers kitchen

Take a step back in time and enjoy a truly authentic experience.Gemma’s rigorously homemade dishes are served in one of our two ‘stube’ dating back to the 16th and 18th centuries. In the small kitchen originally used for smoking meat, seasonal fixed menus are prepared using aromatic herbs in summer, which are picked from the mountain meadows. The traditional recipes are prepared with home grown or homemade ingredients, where that is not possible, they are sourced locally from one of the other small producers in the area.

Gemma’s philosophy is to keep things simple and create the most flavoursome dishes by using only the best ingredients.Even the fruit juice is home made, from mint to elderflower.The fine wines we offer to accompany your meal are all from biological cultivations and are biodynamic.

Every week we make fresh butter, ricotta, yogurt and cheese, not to mention the fresh bread made with freshly ground grain.

This summer we will prepare for you:

  • A cold platter with exclusively home products
  • Grey cheese dumplings with a small mixed salad
  • Lemon and mint sorbet
  • spinach "Tirteln" and jam Krapfen
  • semifreddo & chocolate mousse

                       54 Euro